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Re: PI space/filters question

  • From: Alex Pilosov
  • Date: Sun Nov 07 22:21:15 1999

> On Sun, Nov 07, 1999 at 07:49:17PM -0500, Alex Pilosov wrote:
> > However, I noticed that requirements for initial 24.* block allocation do
> > not specify existing allocations, and thought that sneaky way I might get
> > PI /20 by just specifying our approximate use in 6 months of the address
> > space.
> > 
> ...And since the ARIN folk read this mailing list, I suggest you change the
> name of your company before trying this now.  ;)

Erm, no mischief intended. "Sneaky" was definitely wrong word here.
I intended to strictly follow ARIN rules. I was just pointing at the
fact that according to ARIN web page, cable ISPs do not have minimum
existing allocation requirement.

And of course, I'm fully aware that ARIN folk reads this list, which is
why I sent my original mail here, with question about ADSL use of 24/8
net ;)