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Fwd: Asia-Pacific Internet Association - President's Y2K Council - Internet Y2K Wrapup Meeting - November 4, 1999 - LAX Sheraton

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Mon Nov 01 15:51:16 1999

Sorry for the late notice.

Some people on NANOG may be interested in attending this meeting
being held on the last day of ICANN, November 4, 1999.  If you
plan to attend, rsvp to Bill Manning, [email protected]

The venue is set:  (Meeting at the same location as ICANN)

Sheraton Gateway Hotel
6101 West Century Blvd.
Suite 214
04 November 1999
09:00 - 17:00

Note: the Sheraton Hotel is sold out, see the ICANN web site for
additional hotels

The Program:

Internet Y2K Wrap-up

The Internet will be used to maintain communications during the transition
from 1999 to 2000.

The Internet will also be used for status reports, requests for assistance,
reports of late-breaking problems and solutions, and probably in ways we
have not yet considered.  Therefore, it is very important that we have this
meeting to get as many as possible involved in making sure the Internet is
Y2K Ready and On-Time.  Join us for the Wrap-up meeting of the Asia-Pacific
Internet Association Y2K  Roadshow, Status/Update for the President's Y2K
Council, and Internet Industry Status and Update for our Y2K efforts.  The
focus is Contingency Planning.

All Internet Service Providers, those operating a name server and/or domain
registry, exchange points,  network time servers, industry associations, and
government officials should take a quick look at for a review of  the upgrades and
testing needed, anticipated problems and solutions,  information resources,
time based problems (NTP), and suggestions for contingencies.

Confirmed speakers (more are making arrangements):
  Bill Manning - USC, Information Sciences Institute
  Justin Newton - NetZero Director of Networking
  Mike Todd - ISOC Los Angeles Chapter (World-Wide Y2K Weekend)
  Robert Cannon - FCC
  Pat Burt - US Y2K Coordination Center

The meeting room will seat ~100 - theater style
  two refreshment breaks are scheduled

A follow-up (no more than a two page report) and electronic copies of the
presentations will be made available to the APIA web site as well as the
Presidential Y2K site.  ICANN may want a link to this as well.

Call for additional presentations on these subjects:  Please send
e-mail if you have a presentation for the agenda.

Overall - to push the best effort to make Internet Operation Y2K ready

A) Reach ccTLD Administrators, appeal them to make sure  they will prepare
ther DNS servers Y2K compliant

B) Call critical Network Operators and coordinate Contingency  Plans on
global basis - make real working plan

Target audience:

for A)
  DNS Root server opertaors
  ccTLD Administrators and related people
  (mostly those who come to ICANN meeting)

for B)
 Engineers in charge of network operations at critical points:
 Internet Y2K coordination team from each country/region
 International Backbone operators
 Major exchange points
 Major NAPs and NOCs
 AS network operators (ISP and others)

 Plus Relevant Vendors

A) is more towards calling for 'social responsibility' for managers and

B) is very pragmatic content
   - to share information about Y2K readiness in each country/region
   - to produce Global Contingency Plan and make final confirmation
       - make contact list of key operators for Y2K conversion
       - prepare procedures/information template for emergency report
       - discuss and prepare basic procedures/rules for network operation
policy in the event of any unexpected function of Internet services/traffic.