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Re: Major asia pacific public exchange points

  • From: Hyunseog Ryu/Brookfield/Norlight
  • Date: Wed Oct 27 09:56:20 1999

MAEMURA Akinori <[email protected]> on 10/26/99 10:18:09 PM

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Bill, Thanks for the reply,

 :"[email protected]" wrote
 : at Tue, 26 Oct 1999 20:21:35 -0700 (PDT) .....
 :| >  :| I think there's also one in Seoul called KIX as well, but I'm not
 :| >  :| sure.
 :| >
 :| > Yes, KIX is in Seoul but I think it is domestic IX.  In
 :| > Japan as well there is no IXes which can be called
 :| > international one.
 :|  As I understand, KIX is mostly domestic Korea.


Exact name is KTIX. Because of naming conflict, they are called KTIX.
But I think they are doing Asia-Pacific Hub or something like that.
Actually they have two kinds of backbone.
One is for transit servier, Internet eXcange Point including international
Another is for domestic connection.
In South Korea, they have 4 kinds of IX.
One is KTIX running by Korea Telecom.
Other things is DIX running by DaCom (A.K.A. BORA-Net) and Inet IX(maybe
KINX?) running by I-Net Technology.
DaCom IX and KIX is bigger.
But three are carrying the several international connection.
I heard that NCA (National Computing Agency?, parent organization of KRNIC)
tried to maintain
International eXchange Point for other ISP, so called KIX-NCA.
But I'm not sure.
It's 2 year's old information.
I left South Korea at the time.
You can contact with South Korea NOG group.
mailto:[email protected]

You can see the connection status of South Korea Internet.

Hyunseog Ryu

Network Engineer/Applications Engineering
Norlight Telecommunications