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Re: ** ANNOUNCE -- New RADB Fee Structure **

  • From: Alex P. Rudnev
  • Date: Tue Oct 26 06:16:24 1999

I just have written (through I am out of this problems) - I can't discuss
the fee idea, but any attempt to REMOVE something unpaid can destroy the
internet at whole... This days a lot of filters over the world are built
from this data bases, and a lot of networks can (simple) forgot to pay...

The alternative idea should be to block the future changes for the unpaid
objects - at least it's safe and can not destroy the network.

Alex. /I am in Russia now, and don't bother about RA-DB fee, but I am
bother about the Internet stability/.

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Craig Labovitz wrote:

> Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 23:07:31 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Craig Labovitz <[email protected]>
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: ** ANNOUNCE -- New RADB Fee Structure **
> RADB Fee Structure
> ------------------
> Since 1995 Merit Network, Inc., has operated the RADB Internet Routing
> Registry as a free service to the community. Initial funding for the
> service came from the National Science Foundation as part of the
> Routing Arbiter project. In recent years, donations from a number of
> commercial Internet providers provided continued support for RADB
> operations. As Internet Routing Registry technology has matured, the
> RADB service has experienced explosive growth.  Today, the RADB
> database handles well over a million queries a day from several
> thousand unique Internet end-sites.
> This growth in RADB usage, including a dramatically increased volume
> of email and telephone calls to the RADB help desk, has placed
> significant demands on RADB staff and equipment resources. In an
> effort to maintain the high level of RADB service as well as encourage
> the migration to a distributed database, Merit has implemented the
> following RADB fee structure:
>   Beginning November 1, 1999, Merit Network, Inc., will begin charging
>   RADB users a $200 yearly fee per maintainer object registered in the
>   RADB Internet Routing Registry database. 
>   Credit card payment must be made by all RADB maintainer object 
>   owners within 60 days. Unpaid maintainer objects and all related objects 
>   will be disabled from the registry. 
>   Internet providers may register via the web by reading and accepting the
>   Internet Routing Registry Maintainer Object Agreement, 
>   <> and then by supplying 
>   the appropriate payment information. 
>   IMPORTANT: The registration fee for Internet providers PEERING with Route
> 	     Server Next Generation <> machines at the 
> 	     PAIX, Mae-East, Mae-West, AADS and PacBell exchange points 
> 	     is included as part of the RSNG service at these exchanges. 
> 	     Providers peering with the RSNG route servers at one or
> 	     more of these five exchange points do *NOT* need to submit a 
> 	     $200 payment for any maintainer objects registered 
>              with their autonomous system number in the RADB. 
> Alternatives to Registering in the RADB
> ---------------------------------------
> As an alternative to the RADB, Internet providers are welcome to
> maintain their own local registry. Several groups, including Merit
> Network, have recently developed RPSL-capable Internet Routing
> Registry database servers. These *FREELY* available IRR server daemons,
> including IRRd, provide a simple mechanism for providers to maintain a
> mirror of Internet registry data and a local repository of customer
> routing information.
> As part of the transition to RPSL and RPS-DIST, Merit now strongly
> encourages RADB users to begin operating their own local routing
> registries. Merit will continue to freely mirror and permit mirroring
> by other local ISP registries.
> For more information on running your own IRR registry, see:
> As an alternative to the RADB or running a local registry, RADB users
> may also choose to register in several alternative IRR
> databases. Several providers, including Cable & Wireless and Bell
> Canada, offer IRR registration service for their downstream
> customers. For a complete list of participating Internet Routing
> Registries, please see 
> More Information
> ----------------
> For more information, please see the RADB web page at
> Or feel free to send email to [email protected]
> -- 
> Craig Labovitz	
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> (425) 936-7329 (fax)

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