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Re: RADB Fees

  • From: Jake Khuon
  • Date: Mon Oct 25 18:21:58 1999

### On Mon, 25 Oct 1999 13:56:26 -0700, "Kevin Oberman" <[email protected]>
### casually decided to expound upon Majdi Abbas <[email protected]> the
### following thoughts about "Re: RADB Fees ":

KO> > From: Majdi Abbas <[email protected]>
KO> > Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 16:20:55 -0400 (EDT)
KO> > Sender: [email protected]
KO> > 
KO> > 	Heads up:
KO> > 
KO> >
KO> Yes, but before getting excited, please read the full text including
KO> the part about participants at the MAEs, PAIX, AADS, and PacBell being
KO> exempt.

#include <>
IMPORTANT: The registration fee for Internet providers peering with Route
Server Next Generation machines at the PAIX, Mae-East, Mae-West, AADS and
PacBell exchange points is included as part of the RSNG service at these
exchanges. Providers at these five exchange points do *NOT* need to submit a
$200 payment for any maintainer objectes registered with their autonomous
$system number in the RADB.
#endinc /* */

The above seems a little unclear.  I'm assuming the exemption is based on
the fact that the exchange point providers are subsidising mntner
registration fees for IXP participants as part or through the RSng services
they have contracted to Merit.  The RSes are then provided as a value-added
service of the exchange.  That being the case, one would assume that a
network provider does not need to actually peer with the RSes in order to be
exempt from paying the mntner fee since RS-peering is not mandatory at any
of those exchanges... they only have to be a participant of the exchange
point.  Am I right here?  Can someone from Merit comment?

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