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Re: NSI again removes services

  • From: Chris Cappuccio
  • Date: Wed Oct 20 20:17:12 1999

On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Greg A. Woods wrote:

 | [ On Wednesday, October 20, 1999 at 14:14:12 (-0700), Chris Cappuccio wrote: ]
 | > Subject: Re: NSI again removes services
 | >
 | > The fact that several widely used Linux distributions still have this
 | > ancient, broken program that I cobbled together from old finger source code
 | > nearly 8 years ago should speak for itself ;)
 | *Eight* years old!  Even the latest version of the real whois isn't
 | quite that old yet!  ;-)  I had no idea!  Congratulations at least for
 | having your code survive for that long.  That might also explain why I
 | wasn't able to find a canonical distribution site for the source code.

Well, 7 or 8 years i don't remember  1992 ??

There certainly was a whois.c from the pre-internic days and it didn't
compile on Linux, hence the need for fwhois ;)

 | Sometimes I wonder about the tastes of some of those who make up Linux
 | distributions.  Other times I wonder whether or not they've just got a
 | hate on for anything from *BSD!  :-)

IMHO it's lack of attention to detail

 | (Oh how I pine for the idea of a single distributed rwhois-style
 | database where a simple query would always find the answer no matter
 | who's whois data it was!)
 | ??

There are several unofficial services that do this sort of thing