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Re: NSI again removes services

  • From: Henry Yen
  • Date: Tue Oct 19 23:10:27 1999

On Tue, Oct 19, 1999 at 06:35:25AM -0400, Dean Anderson wrote:
> Hmm. I always thought the unix tip command was a reference to tip and ring of phone line pairs.  This sounds more likely...  Something for Peter Salus...
> Around 12:36 PM 10/19/1999 -0700, rumor has it that [email protected] said:
> >> TAC as in tacacs?
> >
> >Yep.  The original TACACS specification was in a BBN technical
> >memo, CC-0045; RFC 1492 contains an informal specification
> >of the extended version that Cisco implemented.  The background
> >section of RFC 1492 gives a bit of the history:
> >
> >Background
> >
> >  There used to be a network called ARPANET.  This network consisted of
> >  end nodes (hosts), routing nodes (IMPs) and links.  There were (at
> >  least) two types of IMPs: those that connected dedicated lines only
> >  and those that could accept dial up lines.  The latter were called
> >  "TIPs."

i think TIP stood for Terminal Interface Processor, and IMP stood for
Interface Message Processor.
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