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Re: NANOG 17 Peering BOF Meeting Notes

  • From: David Diaz
  • Date: Tue Oct 19 22:23:23 1999

I think 'peering person' is a way to broad. Most companies have someone incharge of determining policy while 2-3 people may actually 'implement' it on the routers. Rumor is there are even Peering and Steering committees....

At 5:26 AM -0700 10/18/99, William B. Norton wrote:
At 08:00 AM 10/18/99 -0400, Jessica Yu wrote:
>>I will not send the database to those who
>>do not contribute info to the database, nor folks who are not peering
>>coordinators.  I'll send out periodic updates as appropriate.>
>So if xyz sends in the information and claims to be the peering
>coordinator of ISP-abc. S/he will get the database information?
>The point is mechanism(s) of verification may be needed.

Agreed - A couple folks in the BOF suggested that the information *should
not* be made widely available (like on a public web site for the world to
see) since it contained personal contact information. At the same time,
they wanted other peering coordinators (whom they may not know) to have
access to the info.

The first stab at solving this is to have a human (namely me) in the loop
and validate each addition. So far there hasn't been a problem. I have run
into the problem where multiple people from the same company claim to be
the peering person, but that's a different problem. If there are
suggestions along this line I'd love to hear them.

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