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Re: NSI again removes services (OT)

  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Mon Oct 18 13:10:16 1999

>The ever-changing NICNAMES/whois service once again 
>does not show _ANY_ dates -- creation, update, or
>database update.

yep.  makes sense...they hadn't changed anything for a while.

>Of course the obnoxious and non-legaly-binding 
>statement has moved, now to the top of the response.

as of a while ago.  in was between

   Tue Aug 17 15:22:34 GMT 1999
   Tue Aug 17 23:14:49 GMT 1999

i've been archiving all the whois responses i've gotten for a while
now (since feb 97) and i can point to things like this rather easily.
as for the latest change (the re-removal of some date information),
that happened between

   Sun Oct 17 16:26:16 GMT 1999
   Mon Oct 18 13:07:46 GMT 1999

but if all you want is activation date (which is preumably the same as
registration data) you can do this:

   % whois dump
   (gratuitous legal warning deleted)
   (0) htype: D |
   (1) handle: MERIT-DOM|
   (5) domainame: MERIT.EDU|
   (10) activation_date: 03-Oct-1986|
   (37) updated: 19990204-220001 autore|

>I sure wish NSI got rid of their lawyers and hired
>some techies.


>I sure wish the alternate registries could display
>this kind of date data.

hear hear.

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