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Re: a moment of silence

  • From: Ehud Gavron
  • Date: Thu Oct 14 11:59:00 1999

	Grief is a personal thing, and expressing it is a
	private thing.  

	I saw Jon spend more than one decade improving the net and
	its mechanisms for staying operational.

	It isn't tempting to me at all to shut down any part of
	the net.  I'm sure Jon would not have wanted systems 
	going offline and oos in his name.***

	IMHO and respectfully 


*** Netsol might be exempted from that, but again, IMHO

>october 16th is the first anniversary of the death of jon postel.
>while it might be tempting to shut the net off for an hour in
>memoriam, it does not seem very responsible.

>i intend to shut down my personal home/office site and all servers
>there for the day.  others may have their own ways of expressing
>respect and regret.