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  • From: Bulent Yener
  • Date: Thu Oct 14 11:44:23 1999

Coming from an academic research background, I need a reality check.
I would appreciate your answers/thoughts etc. to the questions
I have below on WANs.

1- are there any all-IP backbones?  what is the layer 2 in IP 
backbones (PPP, ATM, Frame relay...)?

2- how commonly is IP over ATM used? Do network operators really care
about the  cell-tax?

3- what is the approximate  number of connections to a
router (i.e., fan-in, fan-out of a router (i) at the edge, (ii) at the
core, and (iii) at the backbone?

4- what is the maximum distance between any two points in a autonm.

5- what is the approximate ratio of copper/fiber
   at the edge, core, backbone links?

6- how tight is the physical space in the router rooms
(i.e., is it almost a must to take out an old box in order to add one)?

7- in case of a node/link failure what is the average/approx period of
time  for (i) detection and (ii) recovery

I thank you in advance

Bulent Yener
Information Sciences Research Center
Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
600 Mountain Avenue,  Room 2T-314
Murray Hill, NJ 07974

email: [email protected]
phone: (908) 582 7087
fax:   (908) 582 1239