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Re: how to waste fiber (was:OT:MarketSpeak)

  • From: Danny McPherson
  • Date: Wed Oct 13 16:31:38 1999

> > 50ms is fast?  You'd drop sevral packets I'd guess.
> easily survivable.  but will bgp flap?

sure, if your BGP holdtime is less than 50ms :-)

On a series note, GR253 specs it at 50ms.  Convergence in regional rings, 
however, is often more a function of propagation delay, and more 
realistically, with larger-than-probably-should-be rings expect times more 
around the 100ms range.

As for how it'd look on your router, assuming a trunk failure, you'd likely 
see a bunch of CRC or frame errors on the interface, and an array of SONET 
errors on the controller.  Then, presumably, you'd see a bit more latency on 
the connection while running on the usually less-optimally-routed protect path.

Of course, more interesting than presumably transparent trunk failures in 
relation to SONET protection, are trib failures with inter-router APS on the 
trib side.  This requires a bit more attention to detail (speaking from