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Re: Regarding global BGP community values

  • From: Tony Li
  • Date: Wed Oct 13 04:50:13 1999

> Speaking about the CISCO's, no one thought about the
> memory when realised BGP there; the worst failures in the CISCO history
> was caused by some _temporary_ prefix leaks which caused routers to eat
> memory _permanently_ (last case was in our network 1 week ago when we
> leaked extra 20,000 prefixes to our access routers; it was fixed in a 5
> minutes, but more then half of them get stomachache and refuse to
> work even when this leak disappeared... I don't blame the
> software
> designers, they must found the compromise between the stability,
> time_to_implement, cost and memory,  but I'd like to highlight that they
> really did not concerned
> about such _cheap_ thing as memory at all). (let me to put -:) here).

On behalf of {myself, Paul, Ravi, Enke}, I assure you that Cisco's BGP has _always_ been
worried about conserving memory.