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Re: Fiber won't work without electricity

  • From: Scott Drassinower
  • Date: Sat Oct 09 23:27:15 1999

The thing is that other people (like the legacy MCI POP) in the building
didn't go boom.  So either the MFS folk didn't coordinate things as well
as the MCI guys, or the MCI guys have really big batteries.

There are couple of weird looking AT&T buildings across the street with
lots of cameras around the block and tons of stuff on the roof.  They have
what looks a generator trailer parked in their loading zone, it's been
there as long as I can remember.  They look prepared for something.

I know their Brooks facility a couple of blocks away has some really
massive battery/generator setup on-site.  Relatively, that place is brand

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On Sat, 9 Oct 1999, Daniel Senie wrote:

> There's this neat device called a generator... Guess MCI Worldcom never
> heard of 'em... Gotta wonder what they do during blizzards and other
> such natural disasters. Relying solely on batteries, and having only an
> hour or two of capacity seems rather foolhardy...
> Now, to be fair, if electrical work was being done in the building, it
> is possible any backup generators that did exist were also turned off
> while the work was being performed.
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