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Re: MCI WorldCom fiber cut in White Plains, NY

  • From: Paul A Vixie
  • Date: Sat Oct 09 14:44:05 1999

[email protected] (Scott Drassinower) writes:

> MCI WorldCom has a fiber cut in White Plains, NY, as of 0902 EDT this
> morning.  MFS service seems to be decimated, although the Brooks network
> is totally intact.

i guess fibre is just not being laid in rings any more?  why on earth should
a single backhoe cut be able to take ANY circuit out?

for the "exchange level peering" PAIX and Ames are setting up, PAIX is using
NextLink as the dark fibre provider.  but PAIX is not buying a path, we are
buying a strand.  it's ~250 miles long and goes all the way around the Bay.
we're going to interrupt it in two places (PAIX and Ames) with Sonet-capable
gear.  when the inevitable backhoe comes, only one of the two ways around this
ring will be sliced.  my hope is that we can restore that cut before the other
backhoe comes and slices at the other radian.

but i've got to say, i didn't invent this topology -- it's what i've been told
is the only way to do something like this, so i'm doing it like i was told to.

apparently noone told MFS that this was the only way to do something like this?

why pay the complexity and cost overhead of SONET if you're not building rings?
Paul Vixie <[email protected]>

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