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Re: MCI WorldCom fiber cut - Syracuse, NY

  • From: Michael Heller
  • Date: Tue Oct 05 16:34:08 1999

Has anyone come to the conclusion that there might be a market for
titanium-reinforced innerduct?
Add up the yearly costs of outages for the average provider and the high
costs of indestructable conduit make more sense.

At 02:02 PM 10/5/99 -0400, Scott Drassinower wrote:
>MCI WorldCom claims that they have located a fiber cut in or near
>Syracuse, NY (300+ miles northwest of NYC and White Plains) that is
>the cause of the outage.  They say crews have been dispatched.
>We had several MCI WorldCom circuits go out of service at about 12:40 EDT.
>Some of the circuits are totally within WorldCom's fiber network, some
>have endpoints on Bell Atlantic's network.  All are in the NYC area.
>Unconfirmed by WorldCom, but apparently this cut has taken out two OC-48s.
>It's very interesting (and seemingly absurd) that to go 25 miles south, we
>first must go 300 miles in the totally opposite direction.  
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