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Re: Global BGP community values?

  • From: Jeff Mcadams
  • Date: Tue Oct 05 09:34:14 1999

Thus spake Randy Bush
>but there is an underlying problem.  i have a business relationship with my
>direct neighbors under which we can negotiate traffic patterns.  i do not
>have a business relationship with a 'distant' network.  hence i am rather
>reluctant to allow them to influence my policies when those decisions my be
>costing me money, or my customers performance, or ...

But you already do...unless you control your traffic patterns
explicitely and completely with local-prefs and the like, as-path
probably makes the decision for a large portion of your traffic...and
as-path length certainly can be influenced by a "distant" network.

I understand your point, but its really just a matter of degree.
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