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Query for NANOG: Want a Peering BOF?

  • From: William B. Norton
  • Date: Fri Sep 17 13:37:16 1999

Hi all -

Before proposing a Peering BOF I'd like to get a sense of the community
interest, so here is what I was thinking...

Peering BOF Description
The idea would be to have a BOF for those who are interested in
establishing peering relationships, to find out who each other is, and have
a light agenda focused on one or two short peering-related issues.  In this
forum we would pass a hat around to get everyones business cards and then
e-mail out to those folks an Excel spreadsheet with everyones contact
information. The hope is that this would help facilitate peering in the 'net. 

I can contribute to the agenda an overview of a draft I just finished (with
the help of a bunch of you) called "The Peering Decision Tree" that
describes in rough terms the process the ISPs I spoke with go through to
determine with who and with which method to peer. 

Please send me private e-mail me if 
a) You think this is a good idea and you would participate in the BOF, or
b) You have an agenda item you'd like to contribute, or
c) This is the worst idea Curtis has ever heard.



Note: From the looks of the agenda there may not be time to do this BOF at
the Montreal NANOG so if there is interest we may have wait til NANOG
18...Let's first see if there is interest... 
William B. Norton	<[email protected]>     +1 650.298.0400 x2225 
Equinix Director of Business Development