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Re: Direct Phone Number which is regarding for AS297

  • From: Phillip Vandry
  • Date: Fri Sep 10 13:49:55 1999

> >ISTR +1-888-xxxx being the international equivalent of 1-800-xxxx
> Close, but no.  The prefixes for international "caller pays" calls to
> US toll free numbers are:
> 	US		Int'l
> (800) xxx-xxxx -> +1 880 xxx xxxx
> (888) xxx-xxxx -> +1 881 xxx xxxx
> (877) xxx-xxxx -> +1 882 xxx xxxx

Watch out:
(top of the page)

I know that's not an "official" source of information, but this page
does claim that they intend to deallocate those area codes soon.

I suspect it is because, as the number of toll free area codes increases
(866, 855, 844, etc..!), it's becoming a burden to have to allocate a
"mirror" code in each case as well.

Anyway, I believe it's possible to have a toll free number that's only
dialable in one area and have the same number allocated to someone else
who has a toll free number only dialable from some other area, as long
as the areas don't overlap. So who would the international caller reach
in that case?