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[nsf] internet traffic engineer shaping

  • From: k claffy
  • Date: Tue Aug 24 19:21:04 1999

don't mean to add noise but 
agree this topic matters to nanog
(matters way more than folks have time for it, i know)

so, fwiw: the IEC project 
	inspired by listening to ispfolks articulate 
	these concerns for last few years)
in addition to relevant workshops/materials/ online,
just announced an RFP (included below) for its newly 
NSF-sponsored program to develop hands-on 
Internet Teaching Labs (ITLs) using routers 
and other equipment donated from vendors

one of criteria in selecting candidate schools is 
existence of collaboration or mentoring relationships 
between the faculty/school and an ISP or vendor

round 1 due sept 17; round 2 oct 15

  From: "Theresa Ott" <[email protected]>
  To: <[email protected]>
  Subject: Internet Teaching Lab Solicitation
  Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 16:07:48 -0700
  Dear Colleague,
  While the demand for networking engineers is growing rapidly, few
  networking courses include a hands-on laboratory component, often due to a
  lack of equipment.  The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
  (CAIDA) is therefore expanding its Internet Engineering Curriculum (IEC)
  program to work with hardware vendors and Internet providers to better
  equip Universities to meet the needs of next generation engineers.
  Universities interested in adding an Internet Teaching Laboratory (ITL) to
  their networking courses are encouraged to submit proposals in response to
  the ITL solicitation located at:
  ITL Phase I donations include roughly 100 routers, interface cards and
  software from Cisco Systems.  Additional equipment, including CSU/DSUs and
  terminal servers, may also be available from additional donors.  All
  contributions will be shipped directly to the recipient Universities, with
  CAIDA assisting the evaluation process, ITL implementation, and subsequent
  ITL collaborations.  Selection of Universities will be by CAIDA's IEC
  Advisory Board, consisting of representatives from the commercial and
  academic communities.
  Any U.S. College or University faculty member that will be teaching
  networking courses during the academic year may submit proposals for a
  Phase I ITL facility.  Parties planning to submit a proposal are encouraged
  to send a 1-2 page letter (email) by September 3, 1999 describing plans for
  an ITL.  This letter of Intent will permit CAIDA personnel to notify
  interested institutions of the availability of any additional equipment
  that may assist with the planned Lab.
  Proposals will be reviewed in two rounds, due September 17, 1999 and
  October 15, 1999.  Proposals not selected in the first round may be
  resubmitted in round 2.  If your proposal is selected, the official
  University paperwork must be done, including a letter of commitment from
  the University.
  Proposals and questions concerning the solicitation or equipment should be
  submitted electronically to [email protected]
  On behalf of IEC Co-PIs, kc claffy and Evi Nemeth, and myself, we look
  forward to your involvement in this program.
  Theresa Ott
  IEC Project Coordinator
  For further information on the IEC project, see or
  write to [email protected]