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Re: WWW/DNS problems

  • From: Michael Shields
  • Date: Tue Aug 17 13:40:10 1999

In article <[email protected]>,
[email protected] (Darin Divinia) wrote:
> I also had one to bounce.

At about 9:30 UTC was returning NXDOMAIN for most
though not all .com domains.  For example, and
were broken. worked, but all of its nameservers are in .net;
worked, but all of its nameservers are within and are covered
by glue records.  The pattern seemed to be that any domain with all of 
its nameservers in .com but outside of its own zone would fail to
resolve from  I only tried about a dozen domains
so the actual pattern may have been different.

I sent a mail this morning to [email protected] (with no
response of course, but that's the SOA contact for .) and cc'd to
nanog (but I had neglected to subscribe to nanog-post).

It's interesting that there was no mention of this outage, which
caused hard mail bounces and other problems.