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Re: more internic fun, and an idea

  • From: Dean Robb
  • Date: Wed Aug 04 23:55:42 1999

At 06:36 AM 8/4/99 -0700, melinda b. thompson wrote:
>have been now waiting since july 17 for a simple NS change on a domain.
>this is getting a bit ridiculous.
>i suggest that internic should prorate the yearly charge and have to
>subtract the prorated days that it takes them to process change orders from
>the yearly bill for the domain.
>each single one would be just a small ammount.
>however, with as many domains that have been held up in "manual processing"
>or whatever, it could add up.

Eminently reasonable.  Supposedly, your registration fee is a lump-sum to
cover the costs of administering the DNS entry over the length of the
registration.  Any time periods you're not getting *correct* administration
of that entry should not be charged for.  It's charging you for work not
performed; which just happens to be illegal.

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of ICANN?"

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