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Re: AS 2056 (AOL) access?

  • From: Richard Colella
  • Date: Tue Jun 22 12:48:48 1999

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On Jun 22, 11:15am, [email protected] wrote:
> Subject: AS 2056 (AOL) access?
> Does anyone happen to know how to go about obtaining (purchasing)
> connectivity into AOL's network (AS 2056)?  I'm looking for DS3 access, to
> satisfy colocation/hosting customers who want to be closer to the big
> chunk of their customer base that lives on AOL.  All of my many attempts
> at figuring out who to talk to have thus far been completely fruitless.
> Any hints would be appreciated...
> Nik Weidenbacher
> Network Engineer
> Sungard Network Solutions
> [email protected]
> [email protected]
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