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Need Dan Nydick address/info

  • From: GAVRON
  • Date: Wed Jun 09 16:48:03 1999

The following piece of code from TrACESroute identifies Dan Nydick,
and has a copyright that prevents the use of this code in a distribution
I was trying to get it into.

Could someone let me know how to contact Dan, or which parts of the
code are Copyright... it all looks like stuff I've seen in every other
program in the world...


/* DNS lookup portions of this code also subject to the following:  */
 * Use the domain system to resolve a name.
 * Copyright (C) 1988,1990,1992 Dan Nydick, Carnegie-Mellon University
 * Anyone may use this code for non-commercial purposes as long
 * as my name and copyright remain attached.