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Re: NANOG - Question format suggestion

  • From: Susan R. Harris
  • Date: Mon May 17 10:28:41 1999

Thanks for the suggestion, Rodney.  As always, our preferred method for
asking questions is the Mbone, and there's more info here:

People can also send in questions by sending mail to
[email protected] - we'll be monitoring those messages during the

	--Susan Harris

On Sun, 16 May 1999, Rodney Joffe wrote:

> At previous NANOGs, people who have been watching via mbone and whatever
> other flavors of broadcast were working have had to make comments/ask
> questions via the NANOG list, or by emailing a friend with connectivity
> in the meeting. This also holds true for the ietf stuff as far as I
> remember.
> As we know, the NANOG list takes a looooong time to distribute, by which
> time the subject matter the question relates to, and/or the session is
> long since forgotten.
> I'd like to suggest that at each session the NANOG organizers identify
> an email address or irc channel of some kind that is monitored by the
> moderator for remote questions...
> /rlj
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