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Re: Severe Response Degradation

  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Wed Apr 28 11:18:05 1999

>> > well then, they're obviously clueless.
>> Hasn't this come up here before?  I'm too lazy to go check the
>> archive, but I seem to remember a discussion of this topic.  IIRC,
>> the reason/excuse given (lame or not) was that they use equipment
>> that does not deal well/at all with CIDR or VLSM or somesuch.  Or
>> am I thinking of someone else?
>Well, all of their gear is Cisco. Last I checked, I think Cisco was OK
>with CIDR and VLSM, and even unnumbered links.

perhaps they need to be told about "ip classless"?

>As for the cluelessness statements, my take is that they've got some
>very clueful people, and some very clueless people. They've also got the
>inertia of a company many times their size. Perhaps that's appropriate,
>though, as they are now owned, at least in part, by AT&T (via the TCI

no offense to the clueful then.  the clueless won't notice.  :)

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