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Network Solutions Quietly Implements New Registration System--April 3, 1999

  • From: Henry Linneweh
  • Date: Sat Apr 03 12:52:29 1999

This should make someone happy...

Network Solutions Quietly Implements New Registration System,1087,3_91911,00.html

Henry R. Linneweh
Title: Network Solutions Quietly Implements New Registration System--April 3, 1999

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Business News

Network Solutions Quietly Implements New Registration System April 3, 1999
By Cyrus Afzali Managing Editor
Business News Archives

Domain registrar Network Solutions Inc.Saturday began installing and testing a new system that will allow competing registrars to set up new domains for their customers.

In an announcement issued late Friday, Network Solutions said its registration systems would be intermittently taken offline through mid-morning Saturday so that equipment that will drive the new registry system can be tested.

The company also warned there will be "minimal" delays in processing e-mail template registrations although NSI said all registrations will be queued and processing will begin immediately once all registration systems are brought back up.

Network Solutions also said it plans to establish a new shared registry system Web site for new registrars to begin testing. Once activated, it will serve as a resource for new registrars handling top-level domains -- those ending in .org., net and .com.

The site will also contain links explaining the transition, including Department of Commerce papers and links to other groups around the world that will be assisting in the transition.

The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers is currently taking applications for "testbed registrars" that will join Network Solutions in registering domains.

Earlier this week, ICANN extended the deadline for registrar applications until April 8. The organization plans to announce five testbed registrars April 21.

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