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Internic, Missing Records, etc.

  • From: Ehud Gavron
  • Date: Wed Mar 31 10:30:07 1999

You've heard me whine about Internic losing the 128.65 record.

Unfortunately, I'm advised I can't sue them for losing a record if
there's no loss... and we still have the network, just not reverse DNS.

What I'd like to get are some quotes of
	1) What would you pay for a legacy Class B network,
   	   free and clear from all ARIN fees, reverse DNS included
	   for free... for life, prejustified.

	2) What would you pay for what we now have... a Class B
	   network with no reverse DNS, with no entry in the ARIN
	   database, which who knows, they may one day invent one
	   with themselves or others as the owners.

	3) New non-legacy /16 of address space, complete with
	   the fee accouterments of ARIN.

Please direct responses at me or CC the list.  I'll summarize if there's

p.s. If you have experience valuing these, and are willing to be a
     professional expert, let me know.