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Re: Network Solutions is now in the wringer

  • From: Dean Robb
  • Date: Sat Mar 27 23:19:16 1999

At 01:22 3/27/99 -0600, Sean Donelan wrote:
>[email protected] (Dean Robb) writes:
>>While not a network operator, I think it would be most prudent to consider
>>and discuss (among those who ARE netops) what do to if, say, the root
>>server were suddenly comletely unaccessible for several days/permanently
>>for *whatever* reason.  
>Duh, isn't that why there is more than one root server in the world?

My concern is with the master server that NSI operates.  My hope was that a
netop who *didn't* have a contingency plan might start putting one together.  

>However I feel some people confuse the data in the root servers, with
>the databases used to generate those zone files.  There is a subtle, but
>important difference.  And why simply copying the zone files is not

So who has copies of the databases?  If NSI's master (the a-root?) is
unavailable, new domains obviously wouldn't propagate, but how long can the
other root servers go without getting an update?  Does the system as
currently configured *require* some server somewhere to be the master and
is there one that can take over if NSI's are toast?

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