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Fwd: Internet Domain Name Owner and ISP Address lists on CD-ROM

  • From: Derek Balling
  • Date: Sat Mar 27 22:03:31 1999

So THIS is who's been beating up on the WHOIS servers.

From: [email protected]
X-Sender: [email protected]
X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Pro Version 4.0
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 16:15:04 -0500
Subject: Internet Domain Name Owner and ISP Address lists on CD-ROM

We have compiled an international database with over 2,100,000 data
records of Internet Domain Name Owners (Web Site Owners) including
Company Name, Contact Names (owner, administrative & technical),
Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers, Domain Name or URL, Date the Domain
was first registered and E-mail Addresses and sorted it geographically.
This list has been reduced from the total list of over 4.6 million Domain
Names in our data base as many people own more than one Domain Name.

Complete data records of Internet Domain Names are available and can be
sorted by City, State, Postal Zip Code, Telephone Area Code or Country.
Prices for this data range depending on quantity ordered.

We also offer a Personalized Fax Service to over one million North
American Domain Name Owners and hundreds of thousands elsewhere, and we
can send your message in the form of a personalized business fax letter
with none of the tell tale signs of junk fax at a fraction of the cost of
regular mail. Call (305) 418-7385 for more information.


The E-mail Address Only CD list of over 2,100,000 Internet Domain
Name Owners is divided into directories with one directory for each
country. The USA is sorted by state and telephone area code, Canada is
sorted by province and telephone area code. Just over 1.5 million of the
e-mail addresses on this list are in the USA. This CD has been dubbed The
Ultimate Internet marketing Tool.

This is a sorted list of over 2,100,000 Internet Domain Name Owner E-mail
Addresses as of March 20, 1999 and therefore it is the Cleanest E-mail
Address List Available Anywhere, yours to use over and over again, for a
FRACTION of the cost that other companies charge. Standard rates for
acquiring targeted e-mail lists range from 3 cents to as high as 8 cents
per e-mail address. Today you can own it for just US$999.95 plus shipping
and handling (a fraction of a cent each).

Advertisers are often concerned that not all of the addresses on a
list are valid or active. We have taken every possible step to ensure
that the list is well-maintained and that there are no "dead addresses"
on the list. If you advertise to this list, your ad can reach over
2,100,000 unique persons who do business on the Internet and are
presumably interested in Internet advertising and marketing.

Direct e-mail is the most powerful and least expensive method of
advertising. Why not introduce your business to millions of
potential customers? If used properly e-mail is the most efficient lead
generator available anywhere.

There are no SIC codes available for the list and if you only want to
advertise to a small portion of the E-mail only list you will have to
purchase the entire list.

PLUS now you can purchase;

The Definitive List of Internet Service Providers on CD.

If you are marketing your products or services to ISP's you'll be
interested in this list.

We have compiled a list of ISP's everywhere, checked to see that they all
have active web sites and double checked their mailing addresses through
the US and Canadian post offices to ensure that the information in North
America is as current as possible.

Our list has over 5,000 in North America and thousands more
internationally. Our CD-ROM includes their company name, mailing address,
telephone and fax numbers, URL, e-mail address and in most cases a
contact name.

The first release of this product will be March 25, 1999. The CD will
retail at US$1599.95 plus shipping & handling. A special introductory
discount of 20% will apply to orders paid before April 1999. So order
your copy today and take advantage of the introductory special price

Targeted data in such small quantities as this can retail and usually
does for as much as 50 cents per data record, now you can own it for less
than 16 cents per record.

To order your copies on CD please send us a purchase order and to find
out more call us at (305) 418-7385.

Portal Opportunities Inc.
Basseterre, St. Kitts
Tel/Fax - (305) 418-7385

If you reach our voice mail
please leave your name, telephone
number and e-mail address.