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Re: route announcement question (political rather than technical)

  • From: Alex P. Rudnev
  • Date: Wed Mar 24 15:13:47 1999

Vadim. I amon not sure about RADB, but you mislead (sorry, bad word) two 

(1) NetSol, who are control CRITICAL issues and who caused another to 
(2) RIPE or RADB data bases, which can be used by ISP to maintain 

Simple example. We control incoming anounces strictly. We are doing it 
usially by our internal data base (storing AS-es /through what for do we 
control AS-es? It's a question/ and IP prefixes). But customer can ask us 
to use RIPE:AS-DEMOS object for this filtering, for example. This do not 
make us (or DEMOS) be dependable from the uncontrolled entity - the only 
thing we maintain this case is extra _anty-outage_ protection (this means 
- system use cached values in case of RIPE outage;
- we don't allow data to be changed too sharply...

It's a different things. If you (fortunately, don't we - we use .ru, not 
.com, domain and have not much relations with the Internic) depend of 
some monopoly, it's a problem; if someone propose you some pleasant tool 
to maintain your information for the others - why not?

Through, I don't recommend to use such things as RADB or RIPE withouth 
additional anty-outage and anty-mistake protections. Some ISP here have 
an interesting experience when all their routing was lost by upstream 
provider due to simple RIPE or RADB outage.


> From: Vadim Antonov <[email protected]>
> To: [email protected], [email protected]
> Subject: Re: route announcement question (political rather than technical)
> Some people prefer not to use RADB so as to make their routing
> infrastructure less dependent on non-controllable (administratively)
> outside entities.  As a matter of corporate politics.
> We already have NetSol to handle a (less critical) part of the
> infrastructure, thank you.
> --vadim
> > | Also, is it unreasonable to expect someone who wants to speak BGP to know
> > | how to make entries in the RADB, or at least read and follow the
> >
> > In theory, or in practice?
> >
> > in theory, anyone running BGP ought understand the RADB, understand
> > BGP (and routing in general), and be able to spell their own name.
> >
> > in practice, the customer hires a consultant who is sufficiently
> > skilled to cobble together a working BGP config from docs on the
> > cisco website, at which point it is turned over to Mr. Pointy Hair.
> > neither Pointy Hair nor the consultant can even spell RADB let alone
> > ever heard of it. Pointy Hair can spell his own name. usually.
> >
> >
> >        --jeff

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