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Re: Network Topology

  • From: Hui-Hui Hu
  • Date: Wed Mar 24 15:06:00 1999

 the biggest danger to the internet is not the backhoe but rather 
 incompetence.  a stupid upstream provider can screw _you_ up bad. 
 (can you say route flap & damp?) finding six competent upstream 
 providers would be astronomically improbable. focus your efforts. 
 you'll be happier.

 our second biggest problem is the power outage (combine with #1
 and you get providers who don't test their UPSs, &c.)

 rant off.


: 	my biggest concerns would be the following:

: 	1) Fiber Cuts that take out your t1's
: 	2) Power Outages
: 	3) Router Failures