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Re: route announcement question (political rather than technical)

  • From: Vadim Antonov
  • Date: Wed Mar 24 14:35:05 1999

Some people prefer not to use RADB so as to make their routing
infrastructure less dependent on non-controllable (administratively)
outside entities.  As a matter of corporate politics.

We already have NetSol to handle a (less critical) part of the
infrastructure, thank you.


> | Also, is it unreasonable to expect someone who wants to speak BGP to know
> | how to make entries in the RADB, or at least read and follow the
> In theory, or in practice?
> in theory, anyone running BGP ought understand the RADB, understand
> BGP (and routing in general), and be able to spell their own name.
> in practice, the customer hires a consultant who is sufficiently
> skilled to cobble together a working BGP config from docs on the
> cisco website, at which point it is turned over to Mr. Pointy Hair.
> neither Pointy Hair nor the consultant can even spell RADB let alone
> ever heard of it. Pointy Hair can spell his own name. usually.
>        --jeff