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Re: route announcement question (political rather than technical)

  • From: Alex P. Rudnev
  • Date: Wed Mar 24 13:05:04 1999

> Our present BGP policy states that if a customer has non-portable address
> space from another upstream ISP, the customer must provide us with an
> official letter from the owner of the IP address space which authorizes us
> to re-announce those routes.  I feel that this is a reasonable and just
> policy, but we've been getting quite a bit of flack from customers who
> claim that nobody else is requiring this.
I am not sure about USA, but it's usial practic here in Russia - we ask 
e-mail permission from the network owner, and hardly recommend to change 
address (and warn about _we are doing it at your own risk).

The problems are boths political and technical - Internet is not build 
todays for such _by-specific_ customers and often, if we anounce the 
specific of the other provider XX, we use partically the bandwidth of XX 
(esp. if we have peering aggreement with XX).


> Are other backbone providers really just announcing whatever their
> customers ask them to announce?  Are we unreasonable in requiring
> permission to re-announce foreign netblocks?  Is there any documentation
> that sets this down as policy or at least a BCP?
> Also, is it unreasonable to expect someone who wants to speak BGP to know
> how to make entries in the RADB, or at least read and follow the
> instructions?  I'm getting the feeling that the latest tech briefings for
> executives are touting the wonders of BGP, 'cause I'm seeing a lot of
> pointy-haired bosses demanding it.
> ObNetops: router bgp xxxx
> 	  neighbor remote-as 64666
> 	  neighbor route-map cust-do-not-readvertise in
> 	  neighbor route-map out-customer out
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