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route announcement question (political rather than technical)

  • From: Jeremiah Kristal
  • Date: Wed Mar 24 11:51:02 1999

Our present BGP policy states that if a customer has non-portable address
space from another upstream ISP, the customer must provide us with an
official letter from the owner of the IP address space which authorizes us
to re-announce those routes.  I feel that this is a reasonable and just
policy, but we've been getting quite a bit of flack from customers who
claim that nobody else is requiring this.
Are other backbone providers really just announcing whatever their
customers ask them to announce?  Are we unreasonable in requiring
permission to re-announce foreign netblocks?  Is there any documentation
that sets this down as policy or at least a BCP?
Also, is it unreasonable to expect someone who wants to speak BGP to know
how to make entries in the RADB, or at least read and follow the
instructions?  I'm getting the feeling that the latest tech briefings for
executives are touting the wonders of BGP, 'cause I'm seeing a lot of
pointy-haired bosses demanding it.

ObNetops: router bgp xxxx
	  neighbor remote-as 64666
	  neighbor route-map cust-do-not-readvertise in
	  neighbor route-map out-customer out

Jeremiah Kristal
Qwest Internet Solutions
Manager, Network Services
x284 internal