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Re: more Internic nightmare

  • From: John Fraizer
  • Date: Wed Mar 24 11:35:19 1999

We can get rid of the domain squatters by requiring prepayment.  It is a
very simple answer.  As for the spammers, we need to enact "Spammer Season"
wherein it is legal to enact whatever type of painful demise on them.  This
should only be legal during "Spammer Season" which I propose should start
on 1 January and run through 30 December.  We should use the 30 Dec - 1 Jan
period to allow any "non-spammers" to flee known spammer habitat lest they
be confused for pray during the season.

Unlike deer season, the use of high-powered, fully automatic weapons should
be encouraged, along with baiting, the use of explosives, etc.  Rid the
planet of these nasty vermin!

When we are done, which will probably take several years of all out
spambastard vs NetOps war, if NetSOL has not changed their practices, we
can just change the name of the season to NetSOL season.

I do believe that at that point, we would have to enact a few rules.  Like,
low level employees can only be put at risk of any nature if you have a
clear shot at middle management.  The use of thermonuclear weapons would be
authorized in any situation where there is risk of or suspicion that upper
level management are present.

At 03:25 PM 3/23/99 -0800, you wrote:
>  o the whois and zone data are needed for administrative and operational
>    purposes
>  o slime are abusing those data for spamming etc., which denizens of this
>    list seem to hate almost as much as they hate nsi
>  o slime are watching zone/whois changes to send immediate spam to new
>    registrants 'use our wonderful services'
>  o slime are doing massive domain squatting hoping to then extort high
>    prices from more legitimate applicants
>  o ...
>if the above were true, and i believe that they are, what would the oh so
>brilliant and deeply experienced in large scale production systems readers
>of this list do to responsibly yet strongly inhibit such slimeful activity?
>think about it seriously.  i suspect there are no easy answers.

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