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Re: more Internic nightmare

  • From: Rich Sena
  • Date: Tue Mar 23 18:57:21 1999

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Randy Bush wrote:

> if the above were true, and i believe that they are, what would the oh so
> brilliant and deeply experienced in large scale production systems readers
> of this list do to responsibly yet strongly inhibit such slimeful activity?
> think about it seriously.  i suspect there are no easy answers.

Randy we've been there - done that - the only answer is PREPAY. That
cleans the slate - if you want to speculate it'll cost you...  The
abuse all stems from it being *FREE* to abuse the system - if it costs
something - even though you could still do it - it will correct itself -
cuz it will have a financial PENALTY to do so.

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