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Re: DNS entry abuse question

  • From: Edward S. Marshall
  • Date: Fri Mar 19 22:17:41 1999

On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Peter Day wrote:
> Although we can contact and the student to address this violation
> of our policy, my question is whether there is anything we can do in
> general to prevent people from pointing DNS names at computers at Emory
> without our permission.

You're absolutely correct.

Can you clearly explain why you care, other that defamation issues (which
I address below)? Is this somehow impacting your ability to operate in
some fashion?

> Presumably there is great opportunity for mischief here, in that
> someone could register a domain name such as and point
> it at our web site.

That's a defamation issue. It's a social problem, and needs a social
solution. In this case, you contact the people doing it, and if they're
not helpful, you call your lawyer.

Technology can't solve everything.

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