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Re: DNS entry abuse question

  • From: Sanjay Dani
  • Date: Fri Mar 19 15:26:53 1999

You can partly address this by affecting some of the services.

You can configure your HTTP/1.1 server to blackhole queries for

The telnet/ftp services do not give such flexibility (of configuring
per "name" that maps to the IP address the service responds to).

>We recently discovered that DNS is pointing the name at
>our main web server,, without our permission. The billing
>contact for is a student at Emory.
>Although we can contact and the student to address this violation
>of our policy, my question is whether there is anything we can do in
>general to prevent people from pointing DNS names at computers at Emory
>without our permission. Presumably there is great opportunity for mischief
>here, in that someone could register a domain name such as
>and point it at our web site.
>If this is the wrong place to ask this question, please accept my apology
>and suggest an alternate place.
>Thanks for any advice you can give.
>Peter Day
> administrative contact
>Information Technology Division
>N. Decatur Bldg Suite 300      | E-mail: [email protected]
>Emory University               | PHONE:  +1 404 727-7678
>Atlanta, GA 30322              | FAX:    +1 404 727-0817