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Re: Question about subnetting /24's

  • From: Brett_Watson
  • Date: Fri Mar 19 00:19:31 1999

welcome to nanog, scott.  while your question actually contained more
technical, networking related material than most anything posted here,
you'll get blasted for it none the less.  see, most people here just
magically aquired all this useful information and never had to ask anyone
for help.  now if you'd asked about the weather, or posted a note about how
much you hate spam, or better yet why spam is ok, that seems to be relevant
to nanog, or maybe michael dillon's physical build, or his karate belts,
or...  well you get the point.

it's safe to post to nanog once you've read the charter, lurked for 12
months, absorbed each individual's variation of what's ok to post and
what's not....  actually, forget it, buy a book.