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Re: Fwd: Re: [NIC-990226.52da] Suggestion: Add contact entry to whois

  • From: Owen DeLong
  • Date: Mon Mar 15 12:09:30 1999

If RWHOIS were the universal mechanism for maintaining domain information,
that would be true.  Here's my line of thinking:

	People constantly look up SPAM sources in whois, send mail to the
	Tech. contact.  Often, the Tech. contact is not the security or
	abuse contact.  This creates workload for the tech contact and
	delays in getting security and abuse information to the right

	Add two contact fields to the WHOIS/RWHOIS/SWIP databases of the
	world providing for a security and an abuse contact.  Sites that
	don't have seperate contacts would simply repeat the information,
	much like the existing Admin/Tech/Zone tends to often be the same
	contact.  It seems to me that this is minimal additional effort
	to obtain much better scalability and usefullness of the information

It does not try to solve other problems.  It doesn't try to solve the problem
of out-of-date contact information, lame delegations, clubies, etc.  There
are other ways to solve those problems.  However, this effort is focused
strictly on the problem above.


> Owen,
>   If you do go via the RFC process, might I offer a suggestion.  RWHOIS
>   would seem to be the natural mechanism for obtaining this information.
>   Just like DNS database management is in the hands of the domain holder,
>   abuse contact information could also be.  Sites that object on principle
>   to having the contact information available, wouldn't have to publish
>   a contact or they could publish a generic contact.
>   Relying upon RWHOIS might also force greater acceptance of RWHOIS and
>   better client software could become available, as well as implementation
>   of the optional referral feature.
>   RWHOIS would also remove the single point of failure that currently
>   exists in the form of the InterNIC.  This might also make bulk 
>   trolling of information from the whois database harder once the
>   data is distributed across all the domain holders.
> Dan
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> Dan Watts
> Vitts Networks
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