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Re: InterNIC - We put the "I" in incompetent.

  • From: I Am Not An Isp
  • Date: Sun Mar 14 15:45:51 1999

At 12:30 PM 3/14/99 -0800, Randy Bush wrote:
[SNIP - Randy's traceroutes]

Thanx Randy, but if you had actually read the thread instead of trying to
pounce on a possible error (just like Michael), you would have seen in my
first post that I stated a traceroute shows both IPs have the same last
router hop and are likely on the same subnet.

Add to that the fact that there are load balancing techniques which use
duplicated IP addrs in different geographical regions and you once again
have no proof - just an implication.

Before anyone else pounces on this, YES, I believe it is likely that these
two machines (if it is two machines) are sitting next to one another and
the original poster should get more diverse DNS.  The point of my post is
that people who just look at IP addresses (or a single traceroute ;) and
make sweeping generalizations might find their assumptions disproven.

Sorry about being pedantic, but I've dealt with one too many users who just
assume stuff based on tools like traceroute without understanding the
underlying technology (asymmetry, load balancing, etc.).  I really think
anyone on this list should *not* have to be educated the way lusers do.


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