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Re: need i say more?

  • From: Mark R. Lindsey
  • Date: Sun Mar 14 11:48:40 1999

: "melinda b. thompson" wrote:
: > 
: > No match for "INTERNIC.NET".
: Makes me feel marginally better about several of my domains not being
: located today. Gotta wonder...

Gee, people: the root name servers still look good, right? As long as
these changes don't get propogated and the NIC comes back up soon,
nobody's going to get hurt.

Sure, it's annoying; but for valid domains with running DNS and 
accurate SOAs, we still have a working DNS, and we still have POCs
(given in the SOA). Am I wrong?

Mark R. Lindsey, [email protected]
Internet Engineering, DSS Online