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InterNIC - We put the "I" in incompetent.

  • From: John Fraizer
  • Date: Sun Mar 14 08:03:04 1999

Hello boys and girls.  The time is now 0800 EST and of course, whois is
still screwed.


EnterZone.Net (ENTERZONE2-DOM)
   604 East Rich Street
   Columbus, OH 43215

   Domain Name: ENTERZONE.NET

   Record last updated on 09-May-97.
   Database last updated on 13-Mar-99 23:57:32 EST.

   Domain servers in listed order:


The InterNIC Registration Services database contains ONLY
non-military and non-US Government Domains and contacts.
Other associated whois servers:
   American Registry for Internet Numbers -
   European IP Address Allocations        -
   Asia Pacific IP Address Allocations    -
   US Military                            -
   US Government                          -

Lets see... Where do we begin...

1)  They lost the data from our update.

>From: Domain Registration Role Account <[email protected]>
>Message-Id: <[email protected]>
>Subject: Re: [NIC-990310.2ebf] ENTERZONE.NET
>Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 05:48:48 -0500 (EST)
>Reply-To: [email protected]
>To: [email protected]
>X-Mailer: fastmail [version 2.4 PL24alpha4]
>X-UIDL: e1f57853ffcc7b0ad65532566d6484df
>The updates, of the domain name shown below, have been completed.  If you
>wish to make changes to this domain in the future, please submit a Domain
>Name Registration Agreement to:
>          [email protected] 
>Please write "modify" on line 0a.
>All requests completed before 19:00 Eastern time will be included in the
>root server update.  The root zone files are updated 7 days a week.  These
>changes should be visible in our Whois database the following day.
>If you wish to make changes to the domain record, contact record, host
>record or the registrant name, please use the following URL to complete
>the proper form:
>Network Solutions is not an agent or representative of your Internet
>Service Provider, web-hosting company, or other organizations with which
>you have contracted for Internet-related services.  This change to your
>domain name record does not amend, modify, or otherwise affect the terms
>and conditions of any agreement(s) you may have with third parties.
>Network Solutions, Inc.
>E-mail:         [email protected]
>Phone:          703-742-4777(Monday-Friday 7:00am to 9:00pm Eastern Time)
>Fax:            703-742-9552
>EnterZone.Net (ENTERZONE2-DOM)
>   6227 Headley Road
>   Gahanna, OH 43230
>   US
>   Domain Name: ENTERZONE.NET
>   Administrative Contact:
>      Fraizer, John (JF1998) [email protected]
>      +1 614 316-2708
>   Technical Contact:
>      Network Operations Center (NOC179-ORG) [email protected]
>      +1 614 316-2708
>   Billing Contact:
>      Network Operations Center (NOC179-ORG) [email protected]
>      +1 614 316-2708
>   Record last updated on 12-Mar-99.
>   Domain servers in listed order:

Why do any of even take the time to keep our records up to date when they
just go lose them, corrupt them, ignore them?

2) They took the POC information out of the display both from rwhois and
telnet.  Just how are we supposed to find the POCs for a domain now?

3) They are causing service effecting outages with NO NOTICE to US, their

This is getting real %^&*# old, real %^*# fast.

I wish they would start spending my $35/yr per domain on clue.

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