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Re: InterNIC whois toast

  • From: Edward S. Marshall
  • Date: Sun Mar 14 04:55:26 1999

On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Ehud Gavron wrote:
> Right now the domains they do show have no POCs.  
> I can only assume this is gross negligence and not malfeasance.

A little more information: while the last change they made (removal of
"creation date" from the whois output) was still visible in the whois
output available by telnetting to, this particular change
seems to affect both. Anyone with an rwhois client handy want to see if
they're still exporting it that way?

Judging by previous changes, though, I wouldn't assume negligence; I'd
assume they made this change quite intentionally. After all, they've been
restricting more and more information that is queryable via whois over the
last few months.

Someone over there must be feeling the upcoming competition crunch. May as
well just shut whois down and get it over with; it's becoming less and
less useful every time they do something like this.

(Final note: At the time of this mailing (3:50 am CST), whois is giving up
"connection refused". The telnet interface on is still
functioning, however. This seems to have happened in the last five

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