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Re: (!) Vint Cerf designing network for solar system (!)

  • From: Jeff Aitken
  • Date: Fri Mar 12 18:14:39 1999

Steve Feldman writes:
> This leads to the obvious (for me, anyway) question of NAP
> placement.
> It seems to me that multiple providers on Mars wouldn't want to
> backhaul traffic all the way to Earth just to talk across the
> canal...
> MAE-Mars?

Of course, this raises another interesting issue; namely, that of
exchange point nomenclature.  As inter-planetary networks evolve,
the term 'MAE' will become antiquated.  I would suggest we use the
term Galactic-Area Exchange, but I fear a vehement response from
Jerry Falwell... ;-)

Of course, if MFS runs them, the concept of a Planetary-Area Exchange 
is not without merit.