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Re: Need RWhois help.

  • From: steve rader
  • Date: Thu Mar 11 12:16:27 1999

 > >From: [email protected] [apparently]
 > >We're trying to get a RWhois server online, and are pretty well at a
 > >dead-end.
 > >
 > >I've searched high and low, but can't find any FAQ's on RWhois servers.
 > >Can anyone point me in the right direction here?
 > >
 > >We've found the RWhois mailing lists, and have subscribed to those, but if
 > >there are any other resources out there I'd like to know about them.

Humm.  Questions posted to [email protected] almost always get
a reasonable response.  Post the details about your "dead-end"
there.  (See [1].)

 > From: Dean Robb
 > NSI is *supposed* to be spearheading the RWhoIs effort, they *should* be
 > helpful.

Huh?  Perhaps you are confusing rwhois with whois?

The IETF WG on RWHOIS is dead.  See announcement at [2].

Near as I can tell, NSI only keeps rwhois DN entries up to date. (aka CIDR block records
appear to be a farce--none of WiscNet's are in sync with
year-old changes and our /16 allocation from this summer has
never been added.

So rwhois has degenerated into little more than a mechanism
for convincing ARIN to dole out address space, imo.

Does anyone listening actually use the root rwhois service
(eg non-internal rwhois service) per se?

You might notice some almost laughable irony here: ARIN required
us to run an rwhois server with very detailed and up to date
records to justify an address block request.  Yet the root
rwhois server doesn't have a record for the address block that
we got allocated.  Geesch.

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Steve Rader
Systems and Network Manager
WiscNet--Internetworking for Wisconsin
[email protected]
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