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Re: Whois lookup info

  • From: Jared Mauch
  • Date: Wed Mar 10 13:35:56 1999

	This is working for me.


net208:~> whois "server puck4-hst"
Aborting search 10 records found .....
Cyberspace Communications, Inc. (CYBERSPACE-DOM)                CYBERSPACE.ORG
Cyberspace Communications, Inc. (GREX2-DOM)                           GREX.ORG
Dead Dog Consulting (DEAD-DOG-DOM)                                DEAD-DOG.COM
Lunar Network (LUNAR4-DOM)                                           LUNAR.NET
M-Net Inc. (M-NET4-DOM)                                              M-NET.ORG
Pretend Networks (PRETEND5-DOM)                                    PRETEND.NET
TTGCITN Communications (TTGCITN-DOM)                               TTGCITN.COM
The Association for Clueful People (CLUEFUL3-DOM)                  CLUEFUL.ORG
Uyema Network (UYEMA-DOM)                                            UYEMA.NET
Web CCB Systems Inc (WEBCCB-DOM)                                    WEBCCB.COM

	- Jared

On Wed, Mar 10, 1999 at 10:23:54AM -0800, Michael Dillon wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Dan Bustillos - Datalink Internet wrote:
> > Maybe someone can help. In the past you could do a lookup at the 'nic 
> > with  /server (Server nic handle) Now you can't. Does anyone have any 
> > ideas?
> It's politics now.
> Network Solutions is unilaterally making changes to the Internic services
> they offer without any notice or any attempt to publicly consult with
> network operators. The only way I can thnk of to address this is the
> political route. Start by making a formal request to ICANN
> for this service and explain why it is needed. Follow
> up with a formal complaint to the Department of Commerce in Washington DC
> regarding the sudden withdrawal of the service.
> Or sit silently on your hands, bellyache with your friends and deserve
> what you get. That's how politics works. You have no choice as to whether
> you play the game of politics. Your only choice is what role to play.
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