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InterNIC Weekend Outage?

  • From: Gregory A. Carter
  • Date: Thu Mar 04 11:47:19 1999

Have a guy that had this emailed from his ISP.  If this is in fact true we
all could have some very unhappy customers in the comming days.  I haven't
personally experienced any troubles yet form any customers but I plan to
keep an eye out.  I'd also be interested to see if anyone else can confirm
this report or has further details.


 Over the weekend the Internic, the registry
 that handles all .com, .org, and .net domain names, had a
 power outage. Allegedly, their backup generators actually
 made the situation worse, computers crashed, and data was
 lost. They won't officially admit to it, but word from
 some of the bigger ISPs is that approximately 18,000
 domains were inadvertantly deleted. It seems to have
 mostly effected domains that were coming due for renewal
 in March. IF you have a domain name hosted with us, please
 check to make sure it
 is still registered. If you have any questions, just reply
 to this email.

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