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Re: Is there a PSI.NET person in the house?

  • From: Roeland M.J. Meyer
  • Date: Mon Mar 01 15:43:10 1999

At 12:17 PM 3/1/99 -0500, bryan s. blank wrote:
>% I just got half a hundred of these (and 123 of these last Friday) and all
>% e-mail, to the usual locations, bounces or gets ignored. I am livid, I am
>% pissed, I am *really* wanting to SMURF PSI.NET because they have been a
>% spam-harbor for *years*!
>% PSI.NET should have made it into the RBL a long time ago.
>	are you sure you meant to post this to [email protected], or was
>	this an accident?

Not an accident, I was looking for a PSI.NET contact that wasn't an
auto-responder. A PSI.NET customer was mail-bombing my domain with spam.
Every user got over 150 copies of this over the week-end. We have more than
one user <grin>.

>	have a nice day!

I'm having a totally bitchin' day <grin> PSI.NET responded that the account
was nuked this morning. I guess it worked.  Normally, I ignore spam because
it takes too much time (read $cash-money$) to do something about it. But,
in this case, it was causing a serious load increase on my servers. Also,
users are complaining about the download time of their mail clients. Figure
3KB times 150 at 33.6Kbps, that's 13.4 minutes per user, on our dial-up lines.

My first 10 calls, this morning, were complaints about this problem. Do I
need to explain why I wasn't in a good mood? Also, I've had problems
getting PSI to respond in the past, this re-surfaced those old
frustrations. I guess they've changed.

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